We are empowering Publishers and Supply Side Partners to better capitalize on their mobile web traffic by introducing high paying, out-stream video ad units. As a publisher, you can use us for tech only, or plug into our Marketplace.
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The NovoRoll Platform (NVRP) is a self-service platform where publishers can upload their campaign tags and monetize their mobile and desktop traffic with unobtrusive video ads.

Market Place

NovoRoll’s Video Advertising Marketplace (NVRX) is a combination of the company’s extensive network of Video Demand Partners (DSPs, ad networks, ad exchanges and agencies), enabling publishers to obtain the highest CPM rates available.

NVRX was designed to help publishers generate the highest incremental paying CPM by auctioning their traffic across various platforms.

Use NovoRoll exclusively or in conjunction with your existing mobile web or desktop solution to generate new and incremental revenues.

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Key Attributes

SSP & Demand Mediation
Multiple Ad Units
Mobile Web AutoPlay Support Across all Platforms
No SDK Required
Single access to video buyer ecosystem
Programmatic Marketplace
Viewability & Brand Safety