Elevating the Mobile Experience with Out-Stream Ad Units

All of our out-stream units can begin play automatically, or on click, and are perfectly adapted to any device. Our units can be served through Google DFP or through any other Ad server. Crystal clear video quality ads with zero to minimal loading time.

Our ad units support your in-house campaigns, 3rd party VPAID 2.0 and VAST 2.0 tags, and are back-filled by NVRX, NovoRoll's Mobile Video Marketplace of over 30 demand partners. Our units can run on any HTML5 compliant browser as well as inside native apps (no SDK required!).

Native | In-Content 300×250

Embed video content natively in-article, unlocking new premium video inventory!

NovoRoll’s Native In-Content Unit, positions video advertising within the heart of editorial content at any pre-defined placement. This format launches when it appears on screen, pausing when it is less than 50% visible. Once the view has been completed, the player seamlessly collapses out of the way.

** Available on iPad, Android and mobile web.

Premium | In-Banner 300×250

NovoRoll’s Premium In-Banner Unit, positions video advertising within a 300×250 banner placement.
The unit auto-launches on page load, and starts playing the video when it is viewable on screen. This format pauses when it is less than 50% is visible.

Hybrid | In-Banner 300×250

NovoRoll’s hybrid In-Banner Unit, combines the advantages of banner display and video advertising in a single unit, yielding optimal revenues from video CPM with Banner’s CPC/CPA/CPI.The unit supports dynamic passback to a display banner either from the Publisher’s ad server or from the NovoRoll Marketplace.

Premium | Interstitial Unit Full Screen

NovoRoll’s Full Screen Interstitial Unit creates a highly engaging ad opportunity by loading a full screen takeover when a user loads the webpage or app.

Premium | Skinned Interstitial Unit Full Screen

NovoRoll’s Premium Skinned Interstitial Unit allows ads to display before accessing content, or when clicking on a link. The unit can be skipped by the user after 50% of playback time. The unit holds a 300×250 video player, and can be skinned above and below the player.

Premium | Transparent Interstitial Unit Full Screen

Novoroll’s Transparent Interstitial Unit will overlay the page content, play an ad, and then remove itself from the page. The unit runs on any webpage with simple integration, and is highly engaging and always viewable.

Additional Yield Optimization ad units are available. Contact us