Maximize revenue through out-stream video ad units for desktop and mobile-web.
  • Auto-play video on every device
  • Various ad formats
  • Flexible models (Tech only or plug into our Marketplace)
iPhone Advertising
NovoRoll helps publishers, SSPs, and ad networks better monetize their traffic by introducing high paying, native and interstitial out-stream video formats. With one simple HTML tag, you can start monetizing your desktop and mobile inventory (iOS and Android) with higher CPMs. All of our IAB certified ad units Auto-play on any device and in various customizable formats.

Companies We Work With

Here are a few examples of the advertisers and leading publishers we work with:


  • IFL Science
  • Venture Beat

    Demand Partners

  • FreeWheel
  • Bright Roll
  • Tremor
  • Yume
  • adkarma
  • adkarma
  • Videology
  • Pulsepoint
  • PubMatic
  • Billy
  • Beachfront

    Fraud Detection Partners

  • StickyAds
  • Spot Exchange

    Why Novoroll?

  • Multi-Screen auto-play player technology for Mobile Web and Desktop
  • Integrated with the leading SSPs in the online video industry
  • Ad units can be served through Google DFP or any other Ad-Server
  • One simple HTML tag deployment
  • Real-time reporting & extensive analytics
  • White Label ready
  • IAB certified – VAST 2.0 & VPAID 2.0
  • Global support
  • Extensive marketplace of more than 30 Demand partners

NovoRoll is a leading video advertising technology company headquartered in San Francisco, CA. We empower publishers, SSPs, and ad networks to easily create and distribute video ads to any device and ad format. Our video ad units are characterized by razor sharp quality and near instant loading time. Our solution was designed to seamlessly work with any ad serving solution and supports both VAST and VPAID formats.